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Only need 8 pieces 8, offline voice module can help you realize "smart home" new products!

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With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the concept of smart home, from "just talk" has begun to "real landing" process. In the early 2020 CES, amazon, apple, Google and Zigbee alliance have rarely joined hands to establish a unified standard for smart home, and it is believed that the smart home market is not far off. Two years ago, when you were told "AI ARTIFICIAL intelligence," it seemed like empty talk. Today, "AIoT" seems to be the order of the day.

Whether millet "1 + 4 + X" strategy with huawei "1 + 8 + N" strategy, or a "5 + 7 + N" haier intelligent life solutions and beauty "IoT intelligence new species for the Internet of things" tuyere, such as household appliances, mobile phones, Internet companies are strategic overweight intelligent household, although individual products differ in thousands ways, but the goal is consistent, both in their smart home competition first entry and first mover advantage, savage growth in industry "their" user, dominates. Different from the previous more than ten years of home electrical industry is still in the seller's market, the market is often the detonator of home appliances enterprises. In the next ten years, the industry will turn to the buyer's market in an all-round way. Whether it is technological innovation, product iteration or market expansion, the tipping center of the smart home industry will become the user. Only the modernization and intelligent upgrade of products can truly lock up the consumption power.

Take air conditioning as an example. Not long ago, a customized AI intelligent voice air conditioning was launched in domestic air conditioning products, which can manage air conditioning through voice. In this way, users will no longer need to find remote control in the middle of the night, easily wake up the air conditioning, and freely control the air conditioning mode and temperature by voice. This air conditioning product is equipped with the offline voice module to achieve the above functions, transforming from an ordinary household appliance product to an AIOT smart home product.

You may ask, this KIND of AIOT product must be very expensive to develop? In fact, take the Intelligent Su-03T offline voice module in Shenzhen, which sells for less than 10 yuan and only 8.8 yuan. Yes, you read that right. With only 8.8 yuan, you can make your product ride the fast train of AIOT and become a real INTELLIGENT AI voice product.

If you want to have a deeper understanding of the product performance, you can take a look at the introduction of su-03T:

Su-03t is a low cost, low power consumption, small size offline voice module, can be quickly applied to smart home, all kinds of smart home appliances, 86 boxes, toys, lamps and other products that need voice control.

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If you are interested in our off-line voice module products, you can contact our sales staff directly. Movement intelligence will provide you with the most perfect one-stop service:

1. First of all, contact our sales staff to inform the product requirements

2. Providing intelligent voice customization platform, customers can simply input voice commands and complete customized development.

3, from the product development, promotion, sales, to provide the best solution, one step in place.

The advantage of movement intelligence

1. Fast speed

No cumbersome development, 2 working days access

2. Low investment

Support online customization without high cost

3. Experience well

Standard process, tracking service in the whole process of 1V1

4. Excellent performance

Ten million level of concurrent processing power, continuous iteration

5, 0 intelligent threshold

No need to hire technical staff with high salary, full online guidance, 0 threshold to complete the intelligence

6. Provide opportunities for cooperation

Get through the upstream and downstream, the movement intelligence provides the customer source information for you, provides the cooperation opportunity

7. Expand product profit

Compared with traditional products, intelligent products can help you expand 30% product profit

8. Online customization

Provide online customization platform, free customization of voice control functions

In fact, not only the intelligent voice air conditioner, but also all other smart home devices cannot be independent of the joint efforts of all parties. Only by concentric upstream and downstream, can we create a real "smart" life for consumers. The movement intelligence is willing to make joint efforts with the majority of brands to jointly build AIOT rapid productization platform.