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In what fields are offline speech recognition modules widely used?

2020-11-16 15:24:11 admin 18

With the continuous popularization of speech recognition technology in the field of artificial intelligence, as a very important technology in human-computer interaction technology, off-line speech recognition technology also has a very wide range of applications in the field of smart home. Home sit on the sofa, for example, said to the little wisdom to open the lamp, open air conditioning, etc., so more and more people can choose reasonably priced voice modules installed on the various items, rely on it to transmit voice, compared to online speech module, offline voice module has faster recognition, need not connected to the Internet, and low cost. So, in what fields are offline speech modules widely used?

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1. Intelligent lighting can be divided into intelligent voice desk lamp, intelligent voice ceiling lamp, intelligent voice bulb, intelligent mirror headlamp, etc

2. Intelligent electrical appliances can be divided into intelligent voice air conditioning, voice control electric fans, intelligent voice kitchen equipment, bathroom equipment, intelligent sai racks, intelligent voice air conditioning remote control socket, intelligent voice power supply plate and so on

3. Intelligent speaker can be divided into intelligent voice Bluetooth speaker, intelligent voice Bluetooth speaker light, intelligent voice Bluetooth speaker wireless charging, and so on.

4. Intelligent on-board equipment can be divided into intelligent voice control of on-board air cleaning, intelligent voice rearview mirror, intelligent car charger FM transmitter and so on

5. Intelligent recreational equipment can be divided into intelligent massage chair, intelligent massage bed, intelligent sleeping mat, intelligent eye massage chair, intelligent treadmill and so on

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