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This is the real smart home products!

2020-11-16 15:24:53 admin 26

Mention "intelligent household life", we should first surfaced mind is: first, in the phone APP to download each home appliance corresponds to the APP, and then to network (wifi/bluetooth) for each have electrical appliances in the phone APP one by one according to the steps of a fierce manipulation (lights, air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, curtains, etc.), if carelessly broken nets, or network is not stable, my god, all paralyzed.

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What? Didn't you say good intelligence? Isn't it good that intelligence creates simple life? What about the good life brought by smart home appliances?

For example, the common voice recognition in smart home appliances: that is, the voice recognition function of home appliances is operated directly through the voice of people to wake up words, and the original intention is to create a relaxed and convenient home environment through simple voice words.

But why aren't consumers willing to pay for the smart home appliances you've worked so hard to make?

I think there may be some answers in a few simple conversations.

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Including some neighbors also have a lot of this kind of ridicule ~

"Every time I buy a so-called smart home appliance product, I have to download an APP, register an account, and learn a lot of operational knowledge steps, so troublesome ~".

"Once the Internet is cut off at home, all the smart products go back to the pre-liberation days, and all the networking functions are useless. What a killer!"

Those of you who have used online voice-recognition smart appliances can all relate to this. Think: smart home, must be to provide convenience to life, reduce worry, thereby enhancing happiness.

As a solution provider with Internet as the core, movement intelligence with its years of precipitation technology advantages, integration of advanced Internet of things technology, cloud, big data, ground in technology, intelligent home appliances, intelligent lighting, intelligent vehicle products and other application fields) way to demonstrate an application for the general consumers to eliminate all kinds of problems, for transformation and upgrading of enterprise customers to provide voice services solution: offline speech recognition module.

Compared with the problems of online voice recognition, such as the need to connect to the Internet, connect to the cloud, and high cost, Anheuser-Generated offline voice recognition solution solves all the problems in the above application scenarios very well, and directly plug and play.

In terms of end-user usage scenarios

1) Support sound recognition control within 10 meters, with anti-noise interference ability, good sound pickup effect;

2) Local operation, fast feedback instruction operation within 2 seconds, and say goodbye to delay;

3) No need to connect to any network, no need to download APP, easy voice control anytime and anywhere;

4) If the user is concerned about privacy, the products not connected to the Internet can be exempted from this concern;

5) Strong anti-noise interference ability: can accurately recognize speech under noise interference up to 50 dB.

From the enterprise product transformation and upgrading

1) Low cost and low power consumption;

2) Support the customized development of diversified command words, which can make the rapid transformation and upgrading of products;

3) No background server is needed;

Offline voice recognition technology not only brings a lot of convenience to smart home devices, creates a minimalist home experience for end users, but also brings new business opportunities and directions for home appliance manufacturers. Therefore, more and more smart home enterprises choose "offline voice recognition" as the first solution for product transformation and upgrading.

At present, this scheme has been maturely applied in the field of intelligent home appliances (lights, fans, range hoods, air conditioners, refrigerators, water dispensers, etc.), and intelligent vehicles and intelligent wearables and other products have also gradually begun to deepen.

Its low cost, high performance intelligent product features are destined to be more popular with end users. Hopefully, with the rapid development of science and technology in the future, the technology will become more and more mature, and the online speech recognition will give full play to its best performance in their respective fields, bringing real smart home experience to everyone.